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December 4, 2007


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Traditional Art with the Human Form</sup>

All creation, including the human body, is beautiful. The human form is one of most fascinating objects for many artists to work on and it has been used as a subject by traditional artists in so many different ways throughout history. The human body is able to express emotions through movement. Also, the face can speak without words and expresses intangible feelings that are difficult to quantify. It creates complex patterns and varying moods. The face changes to match the emotion of each moment.

:bulletgreen: Here are some figurative works by creative artists from the Da community</sup>

infant by GeirrodVanDyke  Saint No.35 by Doc-Hammer  Sully by InTheNameOfArt  Thinker by AramN  Jenn by HeatherHorton  Shameless Flirt by MattBenn8  SHROUD by aliazmat  

Clinic  II by EmmaTooth  The Dreamer by zoranzoran  :thumb57458347:  :thumb47916995:  Young-Mi by Ausila  Martini Hour by patrickfinley   

  ot2 by jungsiegfried  guy by kweenofklubs  :thumb26236787:  :thumb34080818:  Night by holyman

girl by vaibhavpawar19  :thumb27915712:  Face3 by y0uiip  Surprize by diethyloxide  Hands by y0uiip Unplugged II. by TeaPartyGirl :thumb57553726:

:thumb20820895:  Davin SIDE by chumo  Tina by MariaBjornbomOberg  oil on canvas4 by kamilsmala  :thumb27645398:

anatomical selfportrait by nailone  The Bird Watchers by hryhorczuk  ANNA'S BACK by petercmatthews  :thumb42827955:  Pessimisti by ville7  what head? by RMBDarkmyth  

Mireille by Piktus   farfadet by calirezo  Delilah Imagining by kevissimo THE APRENTICE by weetw  Seclusion del Flamenco by ryoung   Nude by artgeza-II

SWEPT AWAY by artstruggle   I'm Tired . . . by angelajordan  Hold My Hand by AnnaGilhespy  Agnes by Pustelnik panische angst by anna15  untitled by shimoda7   

"Eternal Battle" by JUA  :thumb60103946: by xanq  THE MURDERERS ED GEIN by ScabbedAngel  portrait at the bar vs1 by Neizen Alma by zeldis

:thumb37891717:  Thaughts by MATTjU  :thumb68892381:  Twins by stueplante  Alice in Wonderland by Denis-Peterson  

Another ::Conversation:: by DeRoodeKoning  ......... by munaciell  Sobre Mariana by lilianscatena  :thumb39890879:  Body 01 by marcbalbi  Blue by AramN  SPIRIT OF BLUE LOVE by Flupbungthwimdobb  

La Naranja by bobtheraccoon  Despertares 1 - Chelin Sanjuan by aaamelie  :thumb62301739:  :thumb54516355:  :thumb65067554:  Red Robe by mopeydecker    

House of cards by kolaboy Gynoid by Syntheta-NZ  la mascarade de vie by killakit  Puppet masters by aristoss  LEDA by LEONALEGRIA    myana v5 by zeruch  

Finally by Sellren  Mick Jagger by DLalmond    The Hunger by cinquain  In Thought? by ArtbyTheGoddess    Mika Nakashima2 by episac

boy by RitaFosterArt  :thumb52860565:  Self Portrait with Beard by carts  Maitea - Study 2 by AEnigm4  Aarthi: An Introduction by glamrockkills  Mensur Self Portrait by paulrichardjames  tango by shelovesart

If.. Lonliness? Self Portrait by InsAnnaty  Dust Faery by Kaelycea  Portrait of a Young Girl by hank1  Jacob by JoeyBee60  :thumb49463683:  Girl 2 by MaryamParva  

Deadly Kiss by CatherineNodet  :thumb39471121:  Candy Lips 2 by estrellita7  Pseudo - Gustativus by Mihai82000 lost by quasilucid needles by decalonmysticker  

La dechirure by amoxes  Face Project Jeff by NOWorTREVOR  Nice teeth Bails by cobainsriff  :thumb20234666:  Harder Pressed by ka00te  :thumb14212137:

:thumb60487236:  :thumb60550653:  The Age of Abundance by carts  :thumb42240687:  Just Business by js4853    

the black sun by 22zddr  Lauren portrait by biz02    Portrait Study 1 by Gilbs  Flo by Arterik   :thumb57188756:

westside connection by samthedrawer   My Penance by SandraPelly  Le regard by Moniki   The Angel of the Flies by cifuso   michael by cn82

:thumb39883904:  :thumb9409289: Darling by Yaro42  cybernetic girl by sivet-christophe Arcane of the Fallen by ForlornExistence   Fall by Sericat  

Time on the Earth - Right by Kumiko-McKee  Labrador Water Commercial by Kulik  :thumb69080331:   claassic Gunman, earlier work by gunman  Walk on Water by RainerKalwitz   :thumb42517758: Lies in Black by RainerKalwitz

Figure painting.. by j-minus  Cupid Has Fled by seidai  circle by Soirsce  catherine by bastienmillan  In the Light by garybonner  Andrea Ruy Sanchez by greysmith

:thumb24986160:  Ascension by asage  Octoplex by Jeff1966  :thumb49604961:  just not enough by twab  .Twiggy Ramirez. by Nachan   

Perfume 2 by Raipun  reality in anonymity 1 by jacintojc  Even Tambor by Artismo69  morgan 1 by mouseshadow raven beauty by ftongl    Magdalena by tinablondell

woman in black by nalanece  Vanity by AlchemyArtist     hobo joe by Hephastes  The Tea Picker by freya50  Child Soldier 9 by Art-fire  

:bulletred:All the deviations in this news are also featured in my Journal here: Journal: Traditional Art with the Human Form </sup>  

:gallery:  :gallery:  :gallery:  :gallery:  :gallery:
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DLalmond Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2008   Traditional Artist
Jeez, you must think I'm a total ingrate for not thanking you before now for including me in your article! I'm so sorry! Been away from dA too long, apparently. Gee, ya think?

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for including one of my drawings in this stunning collection you've put together. :heart:
asage Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008
awesome... very nice to see all this great work! thanks for compiling it all!!! and thanks for including 'Ascension' :)
MelanieNicol Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2007   Photographer
Fascinating and inspiring work xxxx
Farewell-Spring Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really nice features, however the work "farfadet" by ~calirezo isn't traditional is actually a digital piece.
K-atya Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2007   Photographer
Kumiko-McKee Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2007
Darkdesyre Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007
Nice to see some other figurative artists I hadnt discovered yet.. good selection!
Kumiko-McKee Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2007
shelovesart Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007
so fascinating ... thank you very very much for listing me ... kiss
Kumiko-McKee Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007
You're most welcome!
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